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Chicago Dramatists Presents "The Mecca Tales" Learn about the emergence of Muslim women in leadership role from 11 am - 1 pm at Hamdard... more


ACA Enrollment Marketplace Enrollment begins on November 15th!! more


Service Excellence: Connecting & Communicating for Impact Service Excellence is a philosophy which is embedded into the culture of an organization. ... more

Welcome to Hamdard.

The Hamdard Center is a Multilingual, Multi-cultural Social & Health Service Agency Dedicated to Serving the South Asian, Middle Eastern, and the Bosnian Communities in Illinois. Our Mission is to promote physical and emotional health and psychological well being of the individuals and families by offering hope, help, and healing.

A significant number of our community members are experiencing personal problems ranging from joblessness to family violence through marital discord, and from teenage suicide to mental, emotional, and physical illness. These problems are seen in the society at large, but are compounded in immigrant communities by the stress of relocation, naturalization, lack of acculturation, conflict of moral and cultural values, and at times bi-cultural existence.

Primary & Mental Health Care


Family Preservation


Youth Services

The Hamdard Center strives to improve the health status of medically underserved populations by fostering the provision of high-quality...
  In 1998, Hamdard was established as a Child Welfare Agency, duly licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services...
  Hamdard Center's Youth Enrichment Program has made great strides in addressing the needs of its target communities since its inception in 2007...