Maintain a Healthy Weight for the New Year

By: Kimiko Thomas| Jan. 22, 2020

For most people, the new year is the kickoff for major goals and changes in their life. One of the most common goals people set when going into the new year is weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. National Healthy Weight Week takes place in the month of January. The purpose of National Healthy Weight Week is to challenge people to focus on turning health and wellness into a lifestyle as opposed to crash diets that are hard to maintain. However, that does not mean that health and wellness only stops after seven days. Even though transitioning your lifestyle to a more healthy one is challenging and easy to give up on, there are tips and tricks that can help you transform that seven day commitment into a committed lifestyle.

Here are some tips to maintain a healthy weight not just during healthy weight week, but all year long. 

Get Active!  

According to the CDC, adults should conduct 150 minutes of moderate

No gym? No problem, take advantage of walking to close places you’d normally drive!

to vigorous physical activity a week while older adults should conduct 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. Children ages 3 -5 should conduct 3 hours of physical activity a day for growth and development, and children 6 – 17 years old should conduct 1 hour of physical activity a day. Being active isn’t just working out in the gym, it can be going for a 15 minute walk, cleaning around the house, taking the stairs, going for a swim, yoga, spin, dancing around to music, or even a jog around the neighborhood. The CDC states that those who participate in a physical activity that they enjoy will have a better weight loss and maintenance success rate. 

The Mental Game

The mind sets the tone. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is very important. On average humans should sleep for 6 – 8 hours. a night. With our day to day stress, taking time out to practice deep breathing  will decrease stress and improve your mood and attitude Do not compare your weight loss and maintenance journey to other people, everyone’s body and body goals are different. The mental key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is keeping in mind the benefits of weight loss and the drive for change. Those include improved health, decreasing the risk of chronic disease, looking good, and feeling good.

Practice breathing in and out to the image below to de-stress.


 Healthy Eating 

Replace your sugary beverages with water, ask for low fat milk in your coffee, and less sugary syrups. Portion control is key. You do not have to cut out your favorite comfort foods but make sure that the portions are reasonable. Portion is not just for comfort foods but for healthy meals in general, include more veggies than proteins, starches, and whole grains. Another key tip is to read your labels. Know what ingredients are being placed in the foods you are eating as well as the sugar and sodium levels. Choose My Plate is a great resource to use when stuck on portion control ( When eating, put away any distractions and focus on your food. Research shows that mindful eating will decrease binge eating, lower stress, increase digestion,increase enjoyment, and improve weight loss.