On behalf of the board and staff of Hamdard Healthcare, we join with the community at large in mourning the victims of this week’s attack in Atlanta.  The senseless murder of 8 individuals, 6 of whom were Korean American women, is yet another example of anti-Asian sentiment in our country.  This attack underscores the dangers that come with being Asian American and the work still left to do around equity, understanding, and harmony in our communities.  In a year already consumed by tragedy and loss, it is important to remember that the increase in attacks on Asian Americans and all people of color is a public health crisis rooted in the history of this nation.  Violence against vulnerable populations, especially Asian-American women, has remained in the shadows of our public discourse for too long.  It must be brought to the forefront of our consciousness and communication as we work to end white supremacy in our communities and beyond. This latest attack on our Asian American sisters in Atlanta is the inevitable culmination of the hateful rhetoric of a few and apathy of the many. It is yet another hate crime that has crippled the safety of our communities.  If you are able, we encourage you to donate what you can to help support the victim’s families.  We will continue our mission to provide hope, help and healing to our community and stand firmly in our opposition to anti-Asian hate with an unwavering commitment to racial justice.